Influencers and Social Media

Over the past few years social media has become something that so many people take to for a multitude of reasons. From advice to recommendations to humor and coming relief, there is an influencer for everything. Whether the influencer is a celebrity using their platforms to promote products and get paid for it, or someone who has created a platform from little to nothing and turned it into a place where people can go for a trusting voice, there is something for everyone.

It amazes me that people are creating jobs and making an income strictly through the content they are posting on social media platforms. I am all for it though. I love that influencers are the new normal. I love that someone can share their love of certain things with others. I love that a hobby and passion can be turned into a job. For example, I’ve always loved fashion and beauty. I tend to spend a lot of money on both… But now that I’m running my blog on a consistent basis, I am able to turn my hobbies and passions into something that others want to read. I love that I have friends, and even followers that I don’t know, message me for suggestions, my opinion and advice. It feels great and it makes it all worth it, money made or not.

There is also a lot of talk about what makes someone an influencer. How many followers do they have to have? What platform do they have to be popular on? Do they have to fit a  stereotype? What classifies someone as an influencer to you?

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