ColourPop Is Coming To Sephora

On Aug. 7, ColourPop Cosmetics announced they will officially be in stores at Sephora come holiday time this year. ColourPop Cosmetics is known for their inexpensive, affordable, yet quality cosmetics. As of right now, they are only sold online through their website, but they are set to arrive in stores with Sephora around November this year.

The current social media efforts of ColourPop Cosmetics is one to take note of. They are responsive to their customers and followers, while also creating content that their followers want to see and announcing product releases and upcoming sales. I believe that one of the reasons why ColourPop has such a strong backing by their customers and followers is because of the way that they handle issues and engage on social media. If you look at their replies on Twitter, you can see that they are attentive when responding back.

I took to Twitter to monitor the social media efforts of ColourPop Cosmetics and the responses that they received regarding their announcement about Sephora. When I was looking through the Tweets, I noticed that everyone was genuinely excited about this news. Being that ColourPop is only available online, this is something to be excited about for those who wish to see and test products before buying them. Most tweets were people raving about how excited they were to finally be able to swatch these products before ordering. The other Tweets that I noticed were people questioning how the pricing would work since Sephora is known for being the place to purchase high-end makeup.


Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 9.16.44 PM
Graphic created with Venngage.


Aside from the research I did on Twitter, I have personally noticed the beauty community taking to Snapchat to talk about this. Apparently, ColourPop isn’t the only ‘indie’ brand that is coming to Sephora. Some people have mentioned that this ‘devalues’ Sephora and what they stand for, while others are ecstatic that they will finally have a chance to shop these brands in person.


I think that the results of my research show that ColourPop is being successful in their efforts with engaging with their customers on their Twitter feed. Aside from being responsive and engaging, they are posting videos, graphics and other useful content that their followers are interacting with. This shows that the brand is aware of the power of social media and that it can be a huge factor in their overall success.


This is the Instagram post that ColourPop posted to announce the partnership. 


My suggestions for ColourPop Cosmetics and their social media efforts is to be more on top of things. For instance, the announcement of their line coming to Sephora was simply done by quoting a tweet of an article that had announced it prior. To me, this is a big deal and something that the company should have capitalized on. They should have created hype behind the announcement as they built suspense leading up to it. They also should have been the ones, along with Sephora, to announce this new partnership. They could have created videos and graphics to announce this in a unique way.

While they are already excelling, there is always room to improve. Some ways that ColourPop could better their social media are by creating unique and informative content to share with their followers, using their products and sharing it on all major forms of social media.


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